About recoveryBox iOS App for Addiction Recovery

recoveryBox is an app for those with iPhones, iTouches, or iPads and is to be used as part of a comprehensive approach during recovery from addictions. The intent is that by tracking positive actions good habits (your “green” lights) and being accountable for them, it will replace the habits that cause the addiction (“yellow” and “red” lights). By tracking red lights, the user will have data to perhaps see patterns of what triggers the acting out.

When the user initiates a text/email, recoveryBox will provide all the information based on what the user entered into the recoveryBox app so that the individual who sees the piece of communication will get a complete picture for the day. We believe that by having the user initate the email to an accountability partner or counselor that not only does it increase accountability but also relieves them from having to remember everything that happened throughout the day ~ because it’s all included.

All the tools included in recoveryBox can work on their own or can be used as a complete toolset to increase the chances of recovery. In order to use the texting or email functions for the accountability, users must have those features enabled on the device.

recoveryBox the iPhone app for addiction recovery is not just about entering your “lights”. Also included is the abiilty to track your triggers, create treatment goals, incorporate a 12 step program, track sobriety date as well as earn badges for your accomplishments. And there is much more in the pipelines for future versions which is exciting!! We at recoveryBox wish all our users the best on their journey to freedom!

About the Developer

The story of how recoveryBox came to be is simple. I had a very dear friend who finally begin the journey to breaking free from their addiction. This individual was required to track all sorts of information for their counselor as well as group therapy sessions. I was very supportive of this person’s efforts but I also knew that compliance is much easier if the tools are easy and quick to use during the day and would require just minutes of quick entry rather than lots of paper tracking.

And so was born the “lights” tool of recoveryBox. Well, we all know how it goes when someone sees someone using an app..and during group sessions the requests kept coming in to be able to have the app too. And then the requests for features grew and became the tools in recoveryBox. There are still lots of ideas we are floating around for future version and it’s exciting to see this toolset grow…and it’s all driven by those who are using recoveryBox as part of their recovery plan.

As for my friend, they are doing well on their journey and I know it will lead to the path to complete freedom. Just like we at HMHApps hopes it does for you.