recoveryBox, the iPhone Mobile App for Addiction Recovery

The simple How To’s of using recoveryBox..but there is so much more than what’s listed here!!

recoveryBox iPhone Mobile App for Addiction Recovery Blog Check out the Blog to get detailed examples of getting the most out of recoveryBox and how real people are using the app.

  1. Enter Daily Lights
    Lights are broken into different categories.

Your goal is to have as many Green Lights as possible which shows that you are taking care of yourself.

Yellow Lights indicate that the activity puts you in danger of acting out.

Red Lights are when you act out. Be honest with yourself and record your Red Lights when you slip up! Your accountability partner will want to know this so they can encourage you.
recoveryBox Addiction Recovery App Daily Lights
Entry of lights is flexible. Record that you took your meds as 1 Green Light event, or if you take medicine four times a day as part of your treatment, record it as 4 Green Lights.

Build a list of comments for Green Light Categories that are specific to you. If you take a walk, eat three meals and run every day, list those under the physical comments. Enter it once and next time you only have to select from the list.

Entering Red Lights will adjust your sobriety date automatically for you.

  1. Enter Triggers
    Once daily, record triggers (if any). Any triggers above a Green can be included in the text/email sent to your accountability partner allowing for complete transparency.

recoveryBox iPhone app Addiction Triggers
Journaling will document your intensities and help you establish patterns. Journaling will also allow your accountability partner to understand your day better.

  1. Text/Email Accountability Partner
    Send your accountability partner a text/email each day, several times a day, once a week or whatever you have decided is best for your recovery. Included will be all of your light counts as well as triggers, and comments if you enable that under preferences.

recoveryBox iPhone Addiction Recovery Accountability
User initiation of text/emails puts ownsership on the individual in recovery. But don’t worry. You can set a motivator to remind you to send the text/email at a certain time (you can even set one up to remind you to enter your lights too).

All communication pieces are displayed on the screen for you to edit before it is sent so you have complete control over what is sent.

  1. Earn Badges
    Be rewarded during your recovery journey for your accomplishments. Entering lights, triggers, journaling, staying sober and more earns you badges.

recoveryBox iPhone app Addiction Recovery Badges Earned
Visit the Badge Center to see everything that you have earned! Congrats on the hard work too!

  1. Enter Treatment Goals
    Treatment Goals are one of the most important parts of recovering from an addiction. Create and manage goals created in counseling, group sessions or personal goals.

recoveryBox iPhone Addiction Recovery Treatment Goals
Goals can even be linked with the 12 Step program if you decide to use that too.

Sort and filter goals using a variety of methods. It’s very easy!!

Don’t forget to write about the outcome of your goal too.

  1. 12 Step Program
    Following a 12 Step Program for some is one of their recovery tools. The tool provided in recoveryBox will allow you to track when you start and stop each step as well as provide goals for that step and journal as much as you want.

recoveryBox iPhone app for Addiction Recovery Download 12 Step Program
Badges can be earned here too for following a 12 step program.

and much more…
…there really is so MUCH MORE to recoveryBox that it couldn’t all be show here!! But, you get the gist!!

System Requirements
— iPhone, iTouch or iPad
— iOS 5.x
— for accountability, must have email or texting abilities