Recovery should feel like hope. But for many who live with addiction, the extent of the unknown can be crippling in recovery. Uncertainty about your future can prevent you from breaking free from the chains of addiction and seeking the assisted treatment you deserve.

Fear of what your future might bring, or worse, failure, are powerful deterrents to the full life you deserve. That fear and reluctance to ask the important questions can push you into fight or flight mode, but getting answers is the only way forward, even if you do stressful. So what is the recovery like? How does it feel?

It is important that we focus on answering these questions honestly. Worse than the unknown, an idealized image is presented that deviates too far from reality. A hopeful glossy concept won’t help anyone if it isn’t the reality of what you will be expecting when you arrive.

If the potential avenues beyond addiction always cause you to get lost, let us help you with an honest look at what to expect in your recovery.

Honestly (and that’s why we’re here) Restoration will feel like a lot of things. Many of them may not be feeling very well. It feels like getting sober, moving through withdrawal for some, and experiencing the first cautious steps of a sober life. Much like a toddler learning to walk, these steps can be shaky, messy, and frustrating.

While active Addiction can have felt like avoidance or numbness, recovery can feel like being bombarded with an endless stream of too much. It can feel physically challenging, emotionally chaotic, or like a roller coaster of experiences that never quite catch your breath.

Often times, recovery feels more like anger, denial, and regret than the expected sense of relief. The truth is that recovery is a grieving process. You will mourn the choices you made and the choices you didn’t make. Any step in these early days can hurt.

It looks like a long way to go with a faded map. Recovery looks like the rest of your life and depends on these tentative first steps. It looks like one is being created ongoing support system You can build on it with built-in grace for missteps and new routes. Recovery means going messy trails with your own creative solutions to problems that other people may not have faced or the ability to understand.

Whether you find sobriety from a substance or a process, Recovery looks like creative care for the whole self. From managing your stress levels to filling time and healing boredom in sobriety, recovery looks like careful time management and emotional regulation.

Bravery only lasts a moment; Choosing to be sobre is a split second decision that you can make. However, staying sober and moving through recovery is a lifestyle. Nothing stops you but you, and nothing is braver than To be scared and do it anyway.

You’re well on the way in the fact that you ended up here researching these scary what-if situations. The path to recovery is like walking to the edge of a cliff. Sobering up may feel like throwing yourself blindfolded, but we will be your safety net.

Use your next moments of courage to call us at 844-675-1623. Our friendly admissions coordinators are ready to guide you through your next steps.

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